Personal Struggles And The Supreme Court Justice

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The main purpose of Thomas writing this book was to show his personal struggles, both internal and external, that shaped him into the Supreme Court justice that we see today. Clarence Thomas had a difficult childhood, having been abandoned by his father then subsequently given up to his grandparents by his mother, who was unable to raise him and his brother Myers. His grandfather, who he called "Daddy", was able to give the boys more material comfort than they had ever known while under the care of their mother, but also demanded much more out of them. Instead of being able to skip class and go on escapades around town, as they had been able to do in Pinpoint under the care of their mother, Daddy made sure that Clarence and Myers would be at school every day, sick or healthy. Thomas wrote, " [H]e warned us that if we died, he 'd take our bodies to school for three days to make sure we weren 't faking, and we figured he meant it" (Page 15). On top of making sure that the boys would get a proper, consistent education, Daddy made Clarence and Myers ride along with him while he delivered fuel oil during the winter to hi customers. The second year that they had been living under the rule of their grandparents, Daddy had bought a brand-new GMC truck, then took the heater out of it, saying that there was no sense in keeping the cab warm if they were going to get out every stop (Page 21). Clarence 's grandfather was extremely hard on the him. In turn, Clarence held himself to higher…

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