Personal Suffering Analysis

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The suffering that is the toughest for humans to cope with is suffering through a family members defeat from terminal cancer. Myself and my family have gone through this suffering before, as my Uncle John passed away three years ago. His passing was the result of lung cancer. I perceived this source of suffering as a combination of nature and human choice, because his cancer his a natural disease, however, his choice to smoke accelerated the cancer within him. When the funeral ended I asked God why he would put me through this senseless suffering; the suffering was meaningless, my uncle was a good man who didn't deserve this. In the following days I wasn't sure that I believed in God anymore. Nevertheless, suffering is a crazy thing, it actually…show more content…
After about a month since my uncle's funeral I saw my father, (my uncles brother), reading an article about a woman named Thea Bowman. Casually I asked who she was, and my father exclaimed to me what an incredible person she was and how she has helped him with his brothers death. I took iPad on which he was reading the article and read about this incredible woman. I learned about he battle with terminal cancer and how she dealt with her suffering. One of her quotes stuck out to me, it was, "I know suffering gives us a new perspective and helps us clarify our real value." Sister Thea believed that the significance of suffering isn't why it happens to us, but how it can help us transform into a more loving person, and how it can be our source of redemption. This inspired me to see historical figures dealing with their suffering, I found a perfect candidate, Jesus. Jesus dealt with suffering by forgiving the sins of people and calling them to conversion. I learned that Jesus also told his disciples to shoulder the cross of loving service, suffering for justice, compassion, and love. Now that I learned about how others have dealt with their suffering properly, it was my time to deal with my own suffering, and maybe even transform
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