Personal Supervisory Platform

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Personal Supervisory Platform
Educational leadership has changed and evolved through the years as a result of dramatic changes in the school culture, student demographics, environment, science, technology, and economy. Given the complexity and unpredictability of the demanding challenges to educate all children, prospective school leaders may find it desirable to define their own beliefs about instructional supervision and evaluation as they prepare for the rigor of school leadership practice. While enacting supervision, a supervisor is guided by certain values, assumptions, beliefs, and opinions that support the purpose and process of supervision (Sergiovanni & Starratt, 2006). This can be described as the supervisor’s
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Tasks | Exemplary | Acceptable | Unacceptable. | Week 5 Assessment: Personal Supervisory Platform | Congruence to the Assignment | Responses to the required number of the questions provided demonstrate a clear and specific understanding of the guiding principles of supervision and evaluation. (20-15 points) | Responses to most of the questions provided demonstrate some understanding of the guiding principles of supervision and evaluation. (10-8 points) | Responses to the questions provided fail to demonstrate understanding of the research topic and/or fails to respond to required questions.(5-2 points) | Grounding of Assertions and Espoused Actions | Reflects the highest level of ability to analyze complex issues and formulate sound supervisory practices. The assignment exceeds the standards by addressing all elements of the task comprehensively and completely. The paper is effective and well-grounded, has relevant and complete support and elaboration to enhance ideas. Detail and specificity is exemplary.(20-15 points) | Reflects a mastery level of ability to analyze issues and formulate sensible supervisory practices. The assignment addresses most elements of the task and addresses each component satisfactorily and completely. Main ideas are supported by relevant information and communicated adequately. The paper is well-developed and has relevant
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