Personal Sustainability Of Brand And Product Design

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Emotional Sustainability in Brand and Product Design With the increase in technology startups, competition is high for consumer attention. No longer can companies rely on infomercial style pitches. Consumers are looking for more than just a highly functional product or outstanding service, they are seeking an experience. Recent design trends show a desire towards products and brands that inspire users, enhance their lives, and help in triggering emotions. Lifestyle brands are very difficult to build but can be extremely rewarding for your company or brand. Product design is a creative discipline that requires designers to challenge themselves to build an ascetic, functional and marketable product. The rapid speed of innovation has stimulated interest and change in designing the user experience. Designers are now responsible to create a new paradigm in the product making process by exploring every possible factor in a design concept. To achieve this vision of a curated user experience design, human behaviour has been studied and as an anchor to change in the way we build products. Creating an emotional connection to your target market can translate into conversion, sales, as well as online and offline interaction. Good design is a huge part of this process. First to understand the role in design when establishing consumer relationships we have to define design. Design is not simply embellishment, or a way or your site or application to look clean. Design can also be a

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