Personal Swot Analysis

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SWOT Analysis:Evaluate Your 7 Strengths & 7 Weaknesses When speaking about a SWOT Analysis, this is a way of doing some serious self-reflecting and figuring out what your internal as well as external strengths and weaknesses are. Think of it as a pro and con list about you! SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. While we are hesitant to use the word “weakness” as it is very negative, using the word “shortcomings” doesn’t make as catchy an acronym (SWOS) as SWOT! Here are a few ideas when it comes to constructing your SWOT. Internal Factors 7 Strengths - Internal positive aspects that are under control and upon which you may capitalize in planning for a new career. These would include: • Work…show more content…
Opportunities: • Where are the promising prospects facing you? • What is the "state of the art" in your particular area of expertise? • Are you doing everything you can to enhance your exposure to this area? • What formal training and education can you add to your credentials that might position you appropriately for more opportunities? • Would an MBA or another graduate degree add to your advantage? • How quickly are you likely to advance in your chosen career? • Useful opportunities can come from such things as: ▪ Changes in technology and markets on both a broad and industry-specific scale ▪ Changes in government policy related to your field ▪ Changes in social patterns, population profiles, lifestyle changes, etc. Threats: • What obstacles do you face? • Are the requirements for your desired job field changing? • Does changing technology threaten your prospective position? • What is the current trend line for your personal area of expertise? • Could your area of interest be fading in comparison with more emergent fields? • Is your chosen field subject to internal politics that will lead to conflict? • Is there any way to change the politics or to perhaps defuse your involvement in potential disputes? • How
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