Personal Theories Of Interpersonal Communication

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Interpersonal communication plays a major role in our everyday life, as it helps to form the relationships we have with other people. The relationships we develop contribute greatly to how we learn and grow as individuals. Communication is significant in relationships because it is the foundation for social life and it allows one to start, nurture, and terminate relationships with others. A relationship can be formed when a reciprocal message process occurs between two or more people. For example, this bond can be between parent and child, boyfriend and girlfriend, man and wife, friends, and siblings (Ruben & Stewart, 2015). Personal theories about interpersonal communication can be based on concepts and scholarly communication theories. One of the personal theories that I have developed from being in a five-year relationship with my boyfriend is using negotiation when we are having a conflict instead of solely trying to win the argument. Another personal theory to having a successful relationship is communicating honestly and openly about your feelings so that both sides are fully aware of each other’s point of view. These two personal theories demonstrate various interpersonal communication concepts such as conflict styles, interdependence, reciprocity, and relational patterns. Throughout my experiences, I found that negotiation and talking about the problem right away are the most beneficial ways to handle an argument in any interpersonal relationship rather than being
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