Personal Theory Based Leadership Style

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Personal theory-based leadership style: A reflective paper

There are many theories of leadership. Depending on the researcher, some theories may also be subdivided based on specific characteristic. Nevertheless, regardless of the researcher’s views, for the practitioner, it is important to be cognizant of their personal style. The responsibilities of an educational leader are vast and varied. They must be able to be effective with the faculty, support staff, students, parents, community members, supervisors, and colleagues (Avolio, Walumbwa, & Weber, 2009). Being aware of a personal leadership style can help a leader identify areas of needs, strengths, and areas for further development. This paper is a reflective exploration of some scholarly reading on leadership theories, self-assessments, interviews, observations, and experiences to help me identify my leadership preferences and needs.
Personal assessments and preferences One way for principals to evaluate themselves regarding their leadership style is through self-evaluation questionnaires. There are several different self-assessments available, which have been tested and used effectively in various settings. As I embark on the next chapter in my career, I have completed several of the self-assessments to uncover a myriad of skills and characteristics related to leadership that I may possess. I have reflected on the results and have concluded that some, not all, are very accurate. Based on the…
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