Personal Theory Of Counseling : Personal Factors That Shape A Person And Change

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Post Class Paper: Personal Theory of Counseling Personal Influences, Factors that Shape a Person and Change Revisited The pre-class paper I wrote when class first began focused on my personal influences, how people become who they are today, and how people change and heal. Now that class is coming to an end, I have re-read my pre-class paper and have noticed some changes in the way I view these topics. My personal influences, for the most part, have remained the same. In my pre-class paper, I discussed how my love for psychology, my two friends who struggled with drug addiction and my early experiences were the biggest influences that made me decide to pursue counseling. I am still passionate about psychology and interested in the concentration of addiction counseling. I will never forget the massive impact my two friends who struggled with addiction had on my decision to enter this field. Also, I still believe my early experiences greatly influenced who I am today. By having to support myself at such a young age, I became the hard working and non-judgmental person I am today. Also, by being the middle child, I usually stayed out of family arguments and was the person my family members would talk to if they were upset. I now realize that my experiences are consistent to the family birth order aspect of Adlerian Therapy. Adler believed the middle child was usually left out and played the role as the peacemaker in the family, which is what I usually did. My family

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