Personal Trainer Inc. Case Study

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Wesly B. Elarcosa CS 46B (TTH, 5:01 - 6:30 PM) July 12, 2016
BSA – 3 Mr. Nelson M. Wahing

Case Study No. 2: Personal Trainer Inc.

I. Summary

Personal Trainer, Inc. owns and operates fitness centers in a dozen Midwestern cities. The centers have done well, and the company is planning an international expansion by opening a new “supercenter” in the Toronto area. Personal Trainer’s president, Cassia Umi, hired an
IT consultant, Susan Park, to help develop an information system for the new facility.

During the project, Susan will work closely with Gray Lewis, who will
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Additionally, the risk of losing member files and program tracking data is greatly increased when there is not a central database to keep customer information safe. With the new system it reduces the over-all amount of time needed for all administrative tasks. Employees will not have to worry about keeping track of member files and reduce the stress of creating daily and month reports. IV. Alternative Courses

* Hire and train them with the new system that is being developed to make it useful. * Continue to update the hardware, software and network resources to keep up with the daily operations of the company. * Make sure to keep the information of the customers safe.

V. Recommendation

Personal Trainer, Inc. currently manages all member records at each location. This process creates bottlenecks of data and redundant work for several employees. Due to the amount of manual work, critical aspects of the business such as payment processing and training program records. Patterson and Wilder is proposing to assist Personal Trainer, Inc. in updating the current accounting software to allow interface of customers for web access to accounts payments, purchases and access to customer training records . This will be accomplished in a three step plan of data base design, user interface design and application architecture. The member data will be managed more efficiently and increase productivity
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