Personal Training Case Scenario

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Case Scenario #1 PE 295a Please type your response in paper format, double spaced. Paper should include questions and detailed answers and should be 6-8 pages in length. Citing is not necessary as it will be assumed that all of the information obtained will be from the NSCA Essentials of Personal Training text. Papers will be due April 19th and will be 20% of your grade. You have just been contacted via telephone by Jane Doe, a 40 year old female who would like to meet with you to discuss the possibilities of obtaining your personal training services. Please describe the consultation process that you will use. (Client-trainer compatibility should be a main component here). Jane Doe called me on the phone one day while I was at the…show more content…
Her goals are: * Lose 30 pounds * Decrease body fat * Increase overall health * Increase muscular strength and endurance * Increase mobility * Increased cardiovascular capacity * Better eating habits Jane has arrived for her assessment. Which paperwork will you complete with her and why? Based on her goals, which fitness tests will you perform? Will nutrition advice be included in your assessment process? Why or why not? Some paperwork I will have Jane complete is a health appraisal screening. This is to help identify known diseases and possible risk factors associated with coronary artery disease and question if Jane may need medical referral before starting the exercise program. I would have Jane fill out a Par-Q (physical activity readiness questionnaire) form which identifies if individuals are healthy enough to start training or if they need additional medical attention. Another form I would have her fill out is the health/medical questionnaire. This form identifies any diseases, personal medical history, health concerns, medication and lifestyle management. I would then proceed to ask Jane questions to gather a lifestyle inventory so I can understand some of her daily habits and figure if she has any behaviors that are positively or negatively impacting her health. I would ask questions about her diet, stress management, physical activity, and sleep pattern. I
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