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We go to school to learn. What we hope we are being taught is truths, because if we were being taught something that is false there would be no reason to go to school. But with that statement we need to ask, what is truth? As individuals we take in our experiences and organize them into schemas. These schemas then become our personal truths. As a society we can define what something is and what something is not based off of our individual truths and knowledge. Those truths are accepted by all of society and therefore apply to all of society. As children everything we experience is new to us. Our senses are our only insight to the world around us. Those senses are how we take in our experiences, and therefore are the only way of finding…show more content…
The baby, knowing that all dogs are nice, crawls over to Max, however, this time the dog doesn’t react as nicely and barks at the baby. This new knowledge makes the baby accommodate to the new experience and change the schema. Now, not all dogs are nice, but some dogs are nice. Even as we grow older, we form schemas about the new things that we go through, shaping us to think on way or another about something based off of what we know, our experiences. Our reality is what is true to us. We choose what reality is, and therefore we can change what is truth. As a society we decide what is right and what is wrong. As a society we define what the things are around us. As a society we place meaning on those things around us. The Social Construction of Reality says in regards to knowledge “sum total of ‘what everybody knows’ about a social world, an assemblage of maxims, morals, proverbial nuggets of wisdom, values and beliefs, myths, and so forth” (Berger & Luckmann, 1866). We come together forming what is truth. Many things that we take to be truths and don’t give a second thought to are really socially constructed, such as gender and race. Sex is biological, however we learn our gender through the expectations and behaviors associated with our sex. The truth of gender, therefore, is constructed by the sum total of knowledge of society. The same can be said about race, which biologically speaking does not exist, however through expectations and self-identification

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