Personal Value Philosophy Paper

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The past twenty five years have been brutal in regards to public opinion polls and the attention given to our public officials and their ethical standards. “Several have expressed the belief that our leaders are, at best, self-interested or, at worst, corrupt, thereby contributing to the problem. In addressing the public’s concern, some officials have attempted to explain this “unfortunate situation” by attributing it to a general decline in personal ethics, the inevitable result of increased power and luxury. Others have chosen to respond with stricter laws, detailed rules and regulations, and specific prohibitions or penalties to “solve the problem” by systematically institutionalizing ethics within the organizations over which they…show more content…
Raised by strong Seventh Day Adventist parents who believed in the Ellen G. White teachings formed and molded thirty percent of the person this writer has become. Forty percent was influenced by an equally strong Caribbean-Spanish culture. The final thirty percent are qualities, ethics and morals the writer has cultivated along the way thru personal and professional experiences. Development aspects for this writer have increased with the knowledge and cultivation of Erick Erickson “Psychosocial Stages of Adult Development”. Erickson’s belief system states the majority of critical thinking occurs when in conflict with another person. To develop a sense of understanding helps an individual realize it is more valuable to focus on the stage in life the person is probably experiencing rather than his or her actions. The writer firmly believes Erickson was the one theorist acutely aware of the massive influences of culture, and external world on one’s individual’s behavior. Erickson felt the course of an individual’s development was determined by the interaction of genetic biological programming, psychological and cultural influences (Harder, 2009, para 2). The writer senses cultural diversity usually comes from an unlimited amount of idea logic or rational ways for social groups to gratify and persuade the younger generation to execute their desires. Many times they are
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