Personal Value System For Tony 's Eyes

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This experiment has brought a personal value system to Tony 's eyes, a system that he didn 't look at as his values before. Tony looked at the way he set up his days as a routine but really the way he did things on a daily basis was the way he valued them. How Tony spends his time and money each day correlates to what matters most to him in reality. Two forms of graphics were created to example his week. A pie chart to illustrate how he spends his hours each week (168 hours) and a bar graph to show what money he spends on a weekly basis. Using this data to evaluate Tony 's value system we are shown that he does value his time by trying to make the most out of each hour in a day. Whether that is studying, checking off to-do list items or chasing hobbies Tony is always valuing his time each day, every week. Tony 's money situation is very similar in the sense that he values money over everything else in his life, he understands money is an important part of his life, specifically therefore he saves it and spends it wisely. The data shows that Tony spends less money a week then he makes on top of going to school full time, completing homework on time and keeping his grades up while holding a part time job. Many would say Tony 's value system is successful, efficient and definitely not easy.
Tony spends his time wisely each day with a set schedule of how he likes to spend his day making sure he completes all his daily responsibilities. Tony 's weekly schedule breaks into two
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