Personal Values And Professional Ethics

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Sometimes a social worker can experience conflicts and ethical dilemmas in the practice, and the decision-making process requires a separation form the personal values and professional ethics. One conflict that may arise while working with a client is keeping personal feelings and values separated from the professional role. In the case, social worker Ajia Meux is working she is faced with some conflicts that can intertwine with her personal values and professional ethics. She was concerned with her client’s decision of having children, his living situation, and his environment. Ms. Meux is trying to make sure that the client use protection to avoid having more children and suggest him to have a DNA test done. She understands that this is a decision that can help him better his life and give him a more positive outcome for his future. Ms. Meux is also working to change the client’s living situation so he can get out of the dangerous neighborhood he lives in. She is aware that Kenny is a student with a bright future, but he is caught up in an environment filled with gangs, violent, drugs, poverty, among other. He needs to live like his community lives in order to survive. Ms. Meux indicates that the client is just so immersed and embedded in that sub-urban culture that he feels like he can’t get out. As a social worker she thinks that he 's forced to do things that, if in a different environment and with a different exposure, he might not have to. From a personal
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