Personal Values And Professional Values

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Personal values and professional values run parallel in the social work field. Recognizing and managing your personal values while working with clients is an important task. Concentrating on your professional values is required for a social worker to assist her client to the best of her ability. During my internship there have been a number of cases that I have had to practice managing my personal values. It has gotten a little easier the further I get into my internship recognizing my personal values when it comes to my clients. My social worker and I were called out to an investigation regarding a woman apparently living in a shed with her three children. During the investigation the social worker and I performed a safety checklist of the home (shed). The home did not possess a legal power source, water supply or indoor plumbing. Meanwhile, the checklist was performed within the home, as we stepped into the home, it was determined that the home was not the most conventional home. Although this family’s home was less than perfect the social worker and I advocated for the services to help this family stay together. As this investigation came to an end for the day, I talked to my supervisor about the case. I was surprised to learn that due to the fact that the family had access to all the resources their home did not have it was acceptable for the social worker to leave the children with their mother. The social worker informed the client she needed to make some changes to
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