Personal Values And Social Work

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1. Explain how you became interested in social work and why you chose social work as a major.
– I became interested in social work when my next door neighbor kids where not well taking proper care of. When they come to my house and the look in their eyes when they had to go back home and live with being yelled at and not getting feed or cleaned on the regular. I knew then that I had wanted to help kids and not only kids but older adults.
2. Explain and discuss your personal values, as well as who and/or what you feel influenced you the most in forming your values. In addition, identify the values that lead you to pursue a career in social work. – My personal values will have to be respecting others, education, and helping and caring for others. The person(s) who I feel influenced me the most in forming my values is my parents and my grandmother. They influenced me because growing up they always preach about treating others with respect even if I feel like they don’t deserved it. They also made sure that education was a priority and not an option. For as helping and caring for others I always saw them helping when they didn’t necessary didn’t have too and not one complain or threw it in the person face. The value that lead me into social work is helping and caring for others wanting to see them do better and make better decision in life.
3. Discuss how your values fit with social work values, for example, what are the similarities or differences. Afterwards,…
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