Personal Values And Values

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Personal Values Personal values reflect what we think is important in life. Such as, the decisions we make and the actions we take. Being seventeen-years old, I value the respect from younger people. I, however, have various influences in my life, which have shaped my values. For example, 4-H has taught me how to be a leader. My mother, with her hard work, has taught me how to work for what I long to have. High school has taught me to be superior than my peers and not to fall prey to peer pressure. In addition, work has demonstrated me to do what I love. As a result, I found what I am passionate about. After all, these influences have shown me how to be successful and achieve my goals. Firstly, 4-H has taught me what leadership really means. As a result of acquiring the knowledge of what leadership means, I became a better leader. Generally speaking, everybody can attain leadership skills. However, putting the skills in action creates good leaders. Everyday smaller children look up to each and every one of us. Wether we are at the grocery store or at the football game, little kids and even our own peers respect us. For example, during the fair when showing, the judge will often tell the younger children to watch and learn from the seniors. Furthermore, having people look up to me whether it is to my knowledge or not affects my values because I aspire to be the best role model for someone else. Consequently, knowing I have someone watching me, causes me to contemplate before I make any decision or action. For instance, in many social media posts, most people rant about a subject, before long they apologize for their foul language. In my perspective, the apology does not make the post more acceptable. Social media is filled with countless negative posts, but a single human being can make the slightest difference in someone’s life simply by acting positive. Being a positive person online additionally to in public, can influence the younger generations to do the same.
My mother has also made a huge impact on my personal values in various diverse forms. For example, as a child I had to ask for permission before I could watch television or even get a snack. When my friends talk about all the television shows

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