Personal Values Centered On The Right Person For The Job

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Sarah perceived her personal values centered on the candidate being the right type of person for the job. She felt that it was important to her that the candidate has values and characteristics which in her opinion make them the right person for the job. Sarah posted that a nurse can have a lot of experience and have all of the technical skills, but if they have no bedside manner or respect for their co-workers the she does not want to hire them. She believes that it is healthy to have a positive social intelligence in the workplace and in order to help with this she would want to hire someone that she believe can work with people and has not just professional but personal values.

Sarah felt that it is very easy to be biased and a nurse manager needs to be thinking during the interview "does this candidate meet the qualifications for the job?" Sarah posted that the manager should focus most on qualifications instead of personal opinions. She thinks that interviewers can make mistakes, it is very hard not to. She responded that you may only see the good in people, which isn 't realistic. Or you may only see the bad. Also a mistake can be does the manager think about would the candidate be good for the job in the future ( a year later). Because if the new hire is going to quickly leave the job they are probably not the best candidate. It is easy to have bias or make mistakes, the manager needs to just do the best they can.
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