Personal Values, Culture, And Religious Beliefs

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Personal Values Personal values are derived from an individual’s idea of what is good, right, useful, or important. Values like honesty and discipline increase efficiency and will aid in being a positive example to others (Boundless, 2015). Values and traditions are typically shaped by the influences of family, culture, and religious beliefs. Sociologist Morris Massey defines three periods in our lives where our value system is developed. These periods are known as the imprint period, modeling period, and socialization period. The development of our value system is complete, according to Massey, by age twenty-one. This development comes from a mixture of learning values and life experiences (Hollinger, 2010) and our values change or evolve as we grow and learn. Individual circumstances increase our knowledge base and build upon the already present core values or beliefs. Our core values are used as a compass in our decision making processes, likewise in order to teach or counsel others, we must first know and understand our own core values (LaVore-Fletcher, 2016). Our value system is simply the central belief system of an individual. The Christian Coach Institute offers a worksheet to help a person realize his or her core values. From this exercise, my top values were Integrity, Stability, Security, Spiritual Growth, and Health and Wellness. Another site, offered a similar assessment. This model, Barrett Seven Levels of Consciousness Model, showed
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