Personal Values For Ethical Behavior

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In the beginning of this English course, there were seven objectives that the students enrolled in the course needed to complete in order to earn credit for the class. These objectives include meeting a twenty page requirement, applying modes of expression to our papers, demonstrate developed academic reading and interpretation skills, participate in groups with fellow classmates, expand a personal values for ethical behavior in a classroom setting, enhance the student’s writing abilities, and develop the ability to complete research (Rougeau-Vanderford). I, as a student in this course, was able to meet all of these seven objectives throughout the school year using various papers, workshops, and journals assigned to us for the teacher to…show more content…
Currently, I am writing this paper. This current paper is four pages long which will make the total page count for this english course a total of twenty two pages. The second objective we had to complete for this course is to apply modes of expression to our papers. I completed this objective in many of my papers when I needed to defend my point of view. The paper I argued most strongly was for my second paper titled “LGBT+ Rights: Adoption”. A great example of my argument is “... children of LGBT+ couple households have a prevalence of depression, drug use, and suicide when compared to the general population. However, when researching, one will not find any studies that showed anything negative such as that” (Karl “LGBT…” 5). The paragraph above the previous quote explains how many people against LGBT+ adoption claim that children with LGBT+ parents will have a greater chance of having depression, abusing drugs, and committing suicide. However, there are not any studies that have shown results like these that are accessible to the average person as the opposition suggests. The third objective that the class had to fulfill was to demonstrate developed academic reading and interpretation skills. I was able to complete this objective by reading many of our assigned chapters in the class textbook A Time Traveler’s Guide to Rhetoric. One particular passage that we had to read that fulfilled this requirement was when we read Dr.
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