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Personal values play a big part in our lives. The development of our personal values is an ongoing process, and is subject to change based on what we feel is most important to us. Life is full of twists and turns and may cause us to readjust our priorities. However, as a human service professional it is important to understand what our values are and how we can benefit those that we serve. I value doing things that help me live a healthier lifestyle. I understand that it is important to take care of myself by eating healthy, exercising, and doing my best to alleviate stress. If I don’t take care of myself I will not be in any shape to help anyone else. When I was younger my values were materialistic. I was more concerned about what I…show more content…
The ethical guidelines for human service professionals mandate that, “Human service professionals respect the integrity and welfare of the client at all times.” (Freeman, S. J. 2000) Ethical dilemmas may arise during the course of a human service professional’s time with the client. The difficulty in finding a resolution to an ethical dilemma depends on the human service professional’s ethical practice and personal belief system. I believe that I would have little difficulty avoiding a dual relationship. My personal belief system tells me that a dual relationship creates a conflict of interest between the human service professional and the client. It leaves the door open for exploitation between both parties. It is a very fine line to walk when trying to gain the trust of the client. However, the main objective is to respect the integrity of the client and avoid any activities that could open the door to an intimate relationship that is unprofessional. I had an experience where the client’s sister was interested in me and wanted to know me in a way that was unprofessional. Ethically, I knew it was wrong and because of my personal belief I chose not to entertain her. Then, I notified my supervisor. An ethical dilemma that would be difficult for me to handle would be when a spouse shares information in confidentiality during marriage counseling, but does not want the other spouse to know. If I am counseling a husband and wife,

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