Personal Values Statement On My Inner Self

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Personal Values Statement In understanding oneself it is often difficult to remain truthful and unbiased when analyzing our deficiencies and strengths. Nonetheless, on an opposing continuum one faces modesty and simplification in the analyses of the previously mentioned traits. The following self-observation aims to reach an equilibrium in learning about my inner-self. I have always considered myself a kind person. As an example; on a drive back home from Minnesota I stopped at a rest-stop where a mother along with her children were having car troubles. I offered to help and drive to nearest auto part store and purchase a torn radiator hose for her, being that I am also familiar with cars I also replaced the hose for them before I left the rest-stop. A second trait that I hold is being happy. As the old saying goes; there is no sense in crying over spoiled milk. During my last year in high school I made some bad choices, which mainly involved skipping classes more than I should have. The preceding caused a postponement in my graduating in May, having to be moved to December. Nonetheless, I managed to graduate not only from High School but College as well; being happy all the way through. The one thing that I aspire to the most is personal growth in the area of knowledge and academics. I believe this comes about from a genuine passion for helping others and practicing benevolence. One might ask how the preceding to circumstances correlate and I believe that in order for

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