Personal Values and Ethical Issues Essay

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Personal Values and Ethical Standards
Shelley Fischer
BSHS 331
October 11, 2011
Jenise Caetana

Personal Values and Ethical Standardss
I was born in the late 1950s and spent my childhood in the 1960s and teen years in the 1970s. My upbringing was shaped very much, by how I was taught and raised. My parents were both members of a conservative religious organization and so with that said I learned this way of thought. We were raised to believe that the 10 commandments were the basis of all things right and wrong, that if we followed them our lives would be as God wanted. Not to mention our parents! As a child, we first believe all that our parents teach us. They are like God to us and must be right no questions asked. I had by then
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However, I do know from then on I had no belief in him as my father or in the goodness of grown men. Because of my family dynamics I didn’t tell anyone, but I remember being so angry and telling myself I would never let that happen again and if he ever touched me I would tell my mom. I went through life seemingly fine on the outside and was known by all to be a good girl. What people did not realize is that I was emotionally dead in my soul. I trusted no one and especially not myself. I never told another person until I was 26 and did not go into therapy until I was 33. There is so much that I learned through my counseling and it is primarily the reason I want to be a counselor now. I feel that in spite of what happened to me the basic belief in the Bible and God is what have gotten me to where I am today. Counseling has also helped me to address issues I ignored for too long. I can empathize with others in many areas of molestation, anger repression, family dynamics, and learning to know and love yourself. I feel that because I have gone through this and come out the other side fairly sane –smile, I can make a difference for someone else who is currently where I used to be.
In thinking of an ethical dilemma, I can only think of the molestation as the one major event in my life. It had major repercussions and if I had not been so afraid, I know that my father would have been arrested and maybe he would not have

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