Personal Values and Spirituality

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I am fortunate to have realized my faith in god in early years of my life and experiences in life have only strengthened my faith; I was born and raised in a small town in India and my elementary to undergraduate education has been from a Christian, catholic school, Convent of Jesus & Mary, a congregation established by Mother Claudine Thevnet who wanted to undertake the education of girls in India. It was in school, I first experienced the introduction to Christianity and my family being Hindu resonated a lot of common values being taught at school. Since there was no conflict in my values learnt at school and those at home, these were only deepened and have become an important part of my personality. As a result of my upbringing and my…show more content…
This is something I do every month and I take my children along so they understand that we need to help others, that we have been chosen by god to contribute in a small way, this has become a family tradition. Also, I send out monetary donations to a family of six in India. This family does not earn enough to send their children to school. I have been associated with this family for the last 7 years and have been trying to help them with whatever little donations I can send to them. I help this family so that their children can go to school, since I believe education is an important way of getting closer to god and plants a seed of change. The oldest daughter has finished high school and is now working and taking care of her family and they do understand the role that education is playing in their life. At the University of Mary, I hope to contribute towards the well being of the community, by participating in different fund raisers. I am very actively involved in the Sunday school at my local temple where we teach small children the importance of morals and values in life. These values are incongruence to the University of Mary’s mission and I also help in organizing prayer services and volunteer on special religious events in the Hindu temple, as I feel it gives me a sense of satisfaction and brings me closer to god. I believe god is one, we all pray in our own ways and we all pray to the same god since all of
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