Personal Viewpoint of the Attack of Peral Harbor Essay

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In my article I am going to be talking about how the Japanese attacked a Naval Base in Hawaii called Pearl Harbor. I will be taking on the perspective of a U.S military personnel, who experiences the attack first hand. Throughout my paper I will also show the reactions of the people who lived on the Naval Base, and how this attack affected America to this day.
My name is John Hopkins, and I was an American soldier, who helped during the attack on Pearl Harbor. I remember overhearing Admiral Kimmel associating with Lieutenant General Short about the the horrible and forceful ambitions Japan had planned against China. I also heard that the Japanese wanted to attack China because they needed their natural resources to build an powerful …show more content…

This thought left me feeling a sense of unsafety and uncomfort in my own home. It was now the sunday morning of December 7, 1941, where many military personnel had a time of leisure. Many of them either were still sleeping, in halls eating breakfast, or getting ready for church. I who had been in the mess hall having breakfast sat with a group of men, enjoying a warm bowl of oatmeal and coffee. As I took a sip of coffee I felt all my muscles awaken and gain strength ready for what this day would bring me. It was just another day of work, or that is what we all thought. The hall was full of cheerful men laughing, talking, and eating. All of a sudden we heard the sounds of planes racing through the thick air, and the crowd of people grew silent. I looked around as everyones faces grew with fear and confusion, as they ran outside to see what was going on.
I looked into the sky and around 183 aircrafts flew through the air. Everyone looked around at each other confused to whether this was a drill or an actual attack. Then Admiral Kimmel ran out of his tent and announced to the U.S Naval Fleet that this was not a drill, but a raid. The Japanese commander Mitsuo Fuchida, who was the leader of the attack then called out, “ Tora! Tora! Tora!” People ran in every direction in terror, as the Japanese aircrafts dropped the first

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