Personal Vision For Leadership

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1. What is your personal vision for leadership? How are you going to lead Others? Why?
A: My personal vision for leadership would be to make a change in the company and the people I lead. I want to make sure everyone is proactive and enjoy his or her jobs. I will lead others be being supportive and encouraging. Supporting employees show them that you appreciate them and the hard work that they do and because they are encouraged they will e more willing to work hard to help meet the goals of the company.

2. What does your company do well? What does your department do well?
A: My Company does well with motivating employees. They do different events to help show us they appreciate us. The last Friday of every other we have an associate appreciation breakfast and they also do different parties and events for associates and their families. My department is good at meeting goals set forth by the managers. Everyone works hard to make sure the department succeeds.

3. “Ask your colleagues and direct reports about what really bugs them about the organization. Ask what gets in the way” (p. 164). What bugs your people? Do you know? Ask and report your findings.
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What is the difference between control (Rodin) and control for employees (Kouzes and Posner)?
A: When you have control your are determining what happens and what takes place within the company but when there is control for employees they have the power to do what they feel is right. It challenges them to make a difference instead of making them feel threaten by authority.

10. “Learning happens when people can openly talk about what when wrong” (p. 200). How do you create a safe environment for your people?
A: I try to let people know that they can talk to me about anything. I listen when they speak and I don’t let my feelings or emotions come into play. I try not to be judgmental and I let them know that I understand where they are coming from.

11. Learning agility (p. 202) consists of reflection on the experience + Engage in new behaviors based on reflection. How agile are you? How agile are your people? What have you done to create
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“To promote learning and nurture a growth mindset, you need to create a climate of inquiry and openness, of patience, and of encouragement” (p. 203). How do you create a learning climate?
A: Being open to new ideas and suggestions would help create a learning climate. I can also create a learning climate by being slow to speak or judge people. Sometimes it takes people longer to understand different things so being patient and encouraging them will also help create a learning climate.

13. Grit: “Perseverance and passion for long-term goals” (p. 207). What have you done to infuse perseverance in your people? What will you do in the future?
A: Giving people goals to reach gives them something to focus on and it challenges them to do their best. I also encourage them to continue pushing towards a goal no matter how hard it may seem to get. To help in the future, I need to learn how to teach people how to overcome their setbacks and find ways to help them when they get discouraged with the job.

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