Personal Vision Statement : My Vision

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In this paper, I will outline my personal vision statement. This vision and mission will help determine the steps I need to take now in order to become the type of leader that others will follow. Next, I discuss those internal and external obstacles which may prevent me from achieving my goals. Lastly, I will identify the steps I will take to overcome or mitigate those obstacles. In conclusion, by outlining my desired personal vision statement I hope to have a picture or image upon which I can reflect regularly. By so doing, it is my sincere desire and hope of it actually happening.
My Vision A personal vision statement is a written description of the lifestyle you want to be enjoying at a given point in the future (Pearson, Thomas, 2003). I actually have two competing visions. If I were somehow to inherit a large sum of money, I would love to open a state of the art facility where kids could come after school and may do their homework. Once they completed their homework they would have a place to decompress after a long day at school. The facility would have a video arcade, basketball, tennis, and racquet ball court. There would also be an Olympic style swimming pool. In addition, I would have a computer room as well as a state of the art library. I would hire tech geeks to teach, train, and equip our kids on computer technology and maybe even hire someone to teach a foreign language. I would have a music room for those who wish to learn how to play a
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