Personal Wellness Pl Worksheet

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My Personal Wellness Plan -- Worksheet
The goal I chose is to live a healthy lifestyle which in terms will add years to my life. In this transformation I chose to eat healthier, exercise, drink plenty water and add supplements to my personal wellness plan. I will devote a significant amount of time to each area of this wellness plan over the next eight weeks get the ultimate results. Below are specific goals and a plan of action that I will be doing over the course of eight weeks in an effort to make these lifestyle changes. I will be reviewing the various area of my health deciding which areas you I would like to make improvements. My present situation is that I have gained a significant amount of weight that has made my life a little uncomfortable. List your present situation and specify your goals (what you want to accomplish) in measurable terms. Keep track of your progress. Review your goals regularly. Get help from others as needed.
Personal wellness plan for: Cynthia Taylor-Payne______ Start date: _10/20/2015____________ Weight Goal: Present weight___160_____ Weight goal in 8 weeks: ___148_____

Action plans: I started by writing my present weight down, which is 160, my end weight will be 148; this will be a loss of 12 lbs. over the course of 8 weeks. Week one I will start drinking plenty of water. My goal is to drink a gallon of water each day for the durations of my personal wellness plan. The first few days were a struggle, but as the

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