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Nicole Whaley
August 7, 2011
Richard Irvin

Personal Worldview: Initial Statement

I believe we as human beings have distinguishing characteristic that we passed down to one another since the beginning of time. Things such as the way we think, the way we feel, and the way we act. It’s what we use to provide what we receive as normal when we are judging how best to live amongst our peers and as individuals. Human Nature is the tool we have used since the first human being was crated and placed upon this earth. It is the tool we are all born with that directs us in the decisions we make whether they are wise decisions or bad choices. Human nature is who we are as a species. Human nature is why today’s society is a
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So basically everything is left up to the individual. This was a bit much for me to grasp or even try understanding. I am a Christian and stand firm in my belief in God and what awaits me in the afterlife. I know and trust in the bible when it tells me that I will be held accountable for all that I do that is immoral and sinful. My only salvation is to pray for forgiveness and repent. I believe that when I meet my maker I will be fully aware of what is going on and although my body, the keeper of my soul, will be no more: I will. I do not believe that I will become a part of nature or this force that pantheists speak about. I know that I am not God. I am a product of God made in his image.
I found the New Age Movement to be a very interesting worldview. At times it had me scratching my chin at the different concepts that they boast to be true. In the end and with further research I realize that they too fall short of Christianity. There is just no way the world will be able to run without any guidance and if we could govern ourselves then we would all be living in a state of peace right now. Unfortunately we are not and it is because the world has laid down their bibles and picked up pamphlets of other hogwash that has blinded them to the way of the bible. There is only one true God and way to salvation. I continue to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and God the creator. With all the worldviews I have come in

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