Personal Worldview & Business Ethics Paper

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Personal Worldview & Business Ethics Paper Liberty University BMAL 560 January 25, 2015 STEP 1 To what extent should personal religious beliefs impact our decisions about business ethics? Personal religious beliefs should impact all decisions about business ethics. If your beliefs are truly mandated in your life, then you have no choice but to be fair and honest about your business decisions. Business decisions can sometimes be difficult and harsh, but that is no reason to comprise the integrity of what you believe in. In 2012, Summers & Summers concluded that from the “Christian worldview”, God is the source and creator of all things. This means that God has provided all the resources we need in order for those needs…show more content…
Article 1- “What is a worldview and why is it important to me?” Has your answers to either of the first two questions changed after reading article 1? My answers to the first two questions have not changed after reading Article 1. Do you believe in absolute truth? Is there more than one way/religion to understanding absolute truth about God and the meaning of life? Yes, I do believe in absolute truth because I understand who God is and what His intentions are for His creation. Absolute truth, as I understand it is practical and real. It impacts all areas of our lives and if we allow it, the truth can satisfy the deepest questions our hearts. It give us a vivid picture of who we are and what we need to become. One might say that the absolute truth helps us understand the past, gives us courage for the present and hope for the future when we think there is none. We can change the world by believing and living this truth. That being said, I do not think that there is more than one way/religion to understanding absolute truth about God and the meaning of life. Do you believe that humans have free will in their decisions, or are they entirely a product of their personal environment, circumstances, upbringing, etc. I do believe that humans have free will to make their decisions. However, those decisions may be based on their personal environment, circumstances, unbringing and maybe even education. Each individual is responsible for
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