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Personal Worldview Grand Canyon University HLT 310 Personal worldview Spirituality is defined in several ways as it pertains to different worldviews. Today we will look at the worldview as it relates to Pluralism, Scientism and Postmodernism. Pluralism is a worldview in which the society members structure their culture based on acceptance and diversity. These common traits all strive for the common good of all and also realize there is some truth in other beliefs (Pluralism, 2015). This worldview stresses the importance of tolerance of other religions but does not however deviate from their own beliefs. Scientism is a worldview based on the scientific…show more content…
God is not only there-an actually existent being; he is personal and we can relate to him in a personal way” (Alin, 2015). A human being is described as being a creature capable of questioning concepts such as “who am I” and “why am I here” in order to give meaning to their existence. (Creech Ph.D., 2015) What happens to a person at death is a belief we acquire from our religion and culture. In Christianity we believe heaven is our reward for living a meaningful life. On the other hand as Christians we were taught to preserve life and avoid intentional death to selves or others. Why is it possible to know anything at all? Pastor Alin explains this as “Human beings can know both the world around them and God Himself because God has built into them the capacity to do so and because He takes an active role in communicating with them. (Alin, 2015). How do we know what is right or wrong? As citizens of this country we follow the laws as they are goverened by the state we live in. As Christians we are guided by our faith as taught by our church. As Nurses we are guided by the laws of our State board and a moral compass which stems from our Christian faith. What is the meaning of human history? According to pastor Alin and his teachings, human history is linear and all life has purpose. As citizens of this earth we must fulfill God’s expectation of mankind (Alin, 2015). References Alin, P. (2015). The Christian Theistic
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