Personal Worldview Inventory. A “Worldview” Is The Term

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Personal Worldview Inventory
A “worldview” is the term use to describe a complete way of viewing the world around you. Worldview differs from person to person and can be determined by religion (Grand Canyon University [GCU], 2015) or by family customs; therefore, individual’s worldview is something that was not developed over night. It is something the person has learned and believed to be true their whole life which direct the way they think, see the world around them and make decisions. With the different view and mindsets of individuals, it is complicated to make everyone happy and this can create tension between science and religion. The purpose of this paper is to write on a personal worldview inventory, discussing the possible
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The understanding of the concept “Pluralism” is when different people from different class, religions, race, culture, organizations, etc., are living together in a society and they continue to practice their different traditions or interest, rather than just one group or culture determining how things go. Pluralism recognized the fact that different religious or cultures have equal right to voice their ideas or opinions. No one particular religion or worldview is privileged over others, therefore the truth is beyond the ability of one group to capture.
Scientism is the belief that the best or only way to have knowledge of reality is be means of sciences (Moreland and Craig, 2003, pp. 246-350). In other word, scientism is calming that the only way to gain knowledge is through science, therefore every other knowledge that is not form science is either opinion or false. There is no thought that science has made a different in the society, but that does not make science the only way to knowledge. There are some inadequacies of scientism, it should be noted that moral, ethical, and religious claims all involved normative claims about the way the world ought to be (Grand Canyon University [GCU], 2015).
Postmodernist proclaim that all worldviews have an equal claim to the truth, they refuses to allow any single defining source for truth. Postmodernist are skeptical of people, such
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