Personal Writing : A Style Of Writing In Academic Writing

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During this course, learning APA formatting for papers has been instrumental. This style of formatting is commonly used in academic writing assignments due to its general universal uniformity and ability to properly credit the sources from which the paper is refer to from. Appropriate uses of references are annotated by using in-text citations that align with the reference list located on the last page of a paper. Together, they allow the reader to verify where the information has been obtained. In addition, to having the ability to confirm material, APA style of writing assist the writer in avoiding plagiarism by accurately stating where the information in a paper was received. Covey’s “Sharpen the Saw” habit is beneficial to a student’s wellbeing and wellness because it keeps them alert and does not allow room for complacency as well as sharpens time managing skills. This includes the body and mind. By continuously renovating one’s self, it allows that individual to grow and expand in all parts of their life. As a student, this applies to studies, time management and Grit. By reintroducing your mind to a task or subject, you open the mind to being more accepting, to include retaining knowledge from each class taken. Stress levels are reduced when time is properly managed. Refocusing and recommitting to a goal, in a student’s case graduating, is a characteristic trait of Grit. A student cannot achieve success without a revamped mind and body. Therefore, by setting aside a
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