Personal Writing Assignment : The Importance Of Writing

Good Essays
Writing assignments always perturbed me because in more advanced english classes, the grade was not given by completion of the project, but on how well you completed it. I like subjects like math where you are either right or wrong. With english, it is either good or unsatisfactory which makes it difficult because I feel that certain teachers would be more likely to give a better grade when a specific style of writing is used. I think of myself as a decent writer, but I would always be discouraged when a writing assignment didn’t get the grade that I thought it deserved. In the four semesters of AP and honors english classes I took, their grades always would stand out as one of the few Bs. I was rarely able to get better than a B on a paper in advanced English which frustrated me. I would always focus on completing a decent paper and not creating a fluid and well written essay.
On the rare occasion where I found myself receiving an A for an assignment, it was for one that I actually enjoyed. For example, during my junior year my teacher assigned a speech project with very loose guidelines. I decided to write mine about Candy Crush Saga, a game that I dabbled with at the time Somehow, it ended up being very good and funny. That was one of my better graded speeches and my favorite assignment because I had the freedom to make with it what I wanted and was not constrained to strict instructions. I think, most of the time, in college the projects do not have as strict
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