Personal Writing : My Personal Experience In Writing

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Christian Hannah
Professor Weeks (Mackey)
ENC1101 - FSCJ
As a writer, I find myself getting lost. Typically, when I go to start writing I hit a brick wall. It’s as if all my thoughts suddenly escape my mind and I draw a blank. It takes me forever to conjure up some form of a thesis and then takes even longer to figure out what I should write to support it in a way that makes sense. Then, attempting to find a way to organize my ideas and put them together in cohesive paragraphs seems like an impossible task in the moment. It is not uncommon for me to get flustered and just throw something down on the paper because I get anxious seeing how much work is left to do. If I end up going back to read it over prior to submission,
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Also, I know I can get off topic when I run out of ideas so keeping the main idea consistent throughout the essay is something I surely need to improve upon. On the contrary, some strengths I possess include proper utilization of grammar and diverse vocabulary.
My attitude towards writing is very unfavorable. I just don’t enjoy it at all. It’s a very tedious task when you factor in all of the revision steps that it takes to produce a quality essay. Writing requires a long amount of time spent planning and preparing that is not for impatient people like myself. However, I believe that with a little bit of some confidence and patience, I could learn to enjoy myself when I write. I think it’s a great outlet for some but just hasn’t ever really been something that made me feel relaxed or stress-free. Writing just clouds my head with confusion and anxiety. I guess I can blame this on the fact that all my previous experiences writing has been academic and in a time-restricted environment. However, I am excited to see how my impression of writing changes throughout my college career now that I am not confined to a forty-minute window.
I know that a bad habit I seem to have developed is getting lazy with how beefy the content of my essay is. Sometimes I won’t completely explain something or won’t finish a thought because I tend to get discouraged or because I’m under pressure to finish
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