Personal Writing Essay

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Personal Writing

When I was four years of age I attended a swimming club at Seven
Islands in Southwark. The pool was fairly large and was rarely
crowded, that was one comfort for me. Seven Islands had many
activities other than swimming, I myself did not choose to do swimming
my mum had decided that I would benefit from it.

My first day at the club started in a shallow pool opposite a larger
one. I already knew two people who came with me, that made me feel a
little confident despite the crying of other children. We had two
instructors a man and a women both were roughly in their thirties the
man had brown hair and was quite tall, the women had blonde hair and
was full figured and short. The
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The day I learned to swim was a normal day, one month after I started.
After school my mum brought me home to get my swimming gear ready for
swimming, when I arrived at Seven Islands I was told that one of the
instructors had gone on holiday, in his place was a new women who was
tall and had brown hair and was from Australia. The new lady was nice
and spoke softly. She and the other women decided to see if we could
swim without assistance, she started with me first she held both of my
hands and told me to start kicking before I knew it she let go of my
hands so I had to rely on moving them to support myself I then
realized that I was actually swimming alone, after about three seconds
I caught the ledge, the shock of it distracted me I could not believe
it. When the instructress went on to other people I tried again this
time using different styles of swimming I was confident with diving
and front stroke. At the end of the session I was pleased with myself
and so were my friends.

Three years after practicing and learning more and more I kept
attending I never missed a session until finally the club moved to
Walworth road, they gave each member an application form saying that
each member acknowledged that the club was moving and that you would
still attend. I decided not to stay on because I had already received
my awards one of them was…