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I have been a lover of reading for as long as I can remember. My mother tells me stories about how she used to come into my room at night to check on me and end up finding me with books perched on my nose. I have never found English that boring. I love reading and analyzing stories as well as a newfound love for writing. However, I have found some of the short stories in class to be quite boring and hard for me to pick apart. It has not caused me to dislike the class. It has just presented me with more of a challenge to understand and be able to write about them. I find it easier to write about and analyze stories that I can relate to or potentially relate to although that hasn’t been much of the case this semester. Despite that challenge I feel that I am doing decently well in the class. SLO 1: Display college-level academic writing skills, including the proper use of MLA documentation. I would give myself a “B” on this SLO. I feel like I have grasped and am able to produce what is required for the proper MLA Documentation. Even though I had a few minor mistakes in my essay 1 D2, my QS and WC performance was pretty good. I also scored very high on the midterm in both areas which I am happy about because I only skimmed over the information again as a refresher rather than thoroughly going through it. I had felt confident, so I am glad I did well. SLO 2: Critically analyze and evaluate primary and secondary sources for both text and subtext. I would give myself a “B” on
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