Personal and Professional Development Planning PDP

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Personal and Professional Development Planning PDP

Welcome to my Personal and Professional Development Planning website. This site contains different types of PDP documents, forms, evaluation tools and links for useful websites. I've developed this web site as a resource for backing students up on the University Certificate in the Professional Development and the free elective Key Skills Development through Part-Time Voluntary Work better and ease for your learning. I hope that you will find a chance for your material to be useful and relevant. Feel free to use the resources here, but please protect me if you’re copying any of them. Most of the learning materials are here as word documents, but not as puff files - this is so, that you may change the materials slightly in your choice.
If you can think of any useful way I can improve this website as a learning resource please let me know it. -
This site is best noticed in Netscape Navigator. If the tradition of the colour has changed since you last looked, then entity on the site has been updated.
"Only those who are asleep make no mistakes" Ingvar Kamprad (founder of Ikea)
"The difference between prosperity and breakdown is only the word." Phil Silvers aka Master Sergeant Ernest G. Bilko PPD as I prefer to call it, a structured process by which a person relies upon and plans their own current and future learning and development; either personal development or
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