Personal and Professional Health Care Communication Essay

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Personal and Professional Health Care Communication Health care communication is the process of sharing health related information with health care professionals, and people seeking care within a medical facility. Using positive health care communication patients are can improve his or her quality of life, health professionals collaborate to resolve difficult solutions, and interact effectively with other health care staff with the patient’s best interest in mind. Effectively using verbal and nonverbal communication health care professionals improve their ability to share information, and interpret responses both personally and professionally. This paper will explain the relevancy of positive health care communication, the effects of…show more content…
Embracing, respecting, and supporting the uniqueness of coworkers on a personal level will increase productivity, and cohesion on a professional level. Professional health care communication generates positive outcomes when participants establish relationships using the fundamental elements of respect, honesty, and mutual control to create open lines of communication. Establishing a symmetrical level of control between health care professionals allows everyone to share equal control of the relationship. In this setting members are vital participants on the health care team allowing members to share thoughts, concerns, and suggestions freely in the effort to accomplish goals to improve patient care, and produce healthy outcomes. Effective communication is necessary when collaborating in groups with other health care professionals. To reach positive outcomes participants need to participate actively with the other members sharing insight, concerns, and solutions assertively. On the floor health care professionals use effective communication to delegate assignments to other health care professionals, provide feedback, and establish relationships with management. Proficiency in these areas facilitates the proper functioning of the unit, competency of the employees, and maintains an open communication network with the leaders of the floor. Poor health outcomes are a result of ineffective personal and professional health care communication because conflict
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