Personal and Social Care Values

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My own personal and social care values will influence the provision of care that i will provide within my working role. It will be essential when working with service users that i am aware of my personal feelings, emotions, attitudes, and beliefs. Being aware of these can help minimise the risk of prejudice, discrimination and unfair treatment towards others. I value individualization, being your own person and expressing your feelings, as a care worker it is essential to value individual rights, it is the duty and moral obligation of care workers to protect the service users and their rights to be protected from danger and abuse. A value is a strongly held belief which is desirable and worthy for its own sake, i have reinforced my…show more content…
This policy is in accordance with various codes of practice and relevant legislation, which includes the equal pay act, the sex discrimination act, the disability discrimination act. Equality of Opportunity’s main principle is that everyone has an equal chance in society of reaching their full potential. Under this principle is to ensure as far as possible all individuals will obtain an equal share of society’s benefits, wealth, power, income, housing etc. The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 states that it is unlawful to refuse to serve or deliberately not provide a service to a disabled person when it is normally offered to other people, provide a lower standard of service or in a worse manner, provide a service on less favourable terms. Clients come from all sections of the community and will differ in many aspects from one another, such as age ethnic background, gender disability, whatever the personal characteristics and needs of the individual, everyone has the same rights, equality of care is a central value to
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