Personal and professional development

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Personal and Professional Development

1.1: Evaluation of approaches to self-managed training.
Self managed training is a when an individual plans, executes and evaluates his or her own learning. The learner is in control of when learning can happen, the duration and the learning experience or outcome. It is important to always review and adapt your training plan. It is unproductive to remain rigid with the plan, and allowing adaptations will improve its applicability and suitability to individual needs. On the job training is another way to self manage training as it allows the individual to apply what they have learnt to real life experience and develop their skill set by actively taking on tasks and duties within their
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Thus, one’s own current skills and competencies do contribute to set a definite professional standards and organizational standards (Bandura, 1997).

2.2: Identifying own developmental needs and the activities required to meet them
In order to identify own development needs it is helpful if a record of learning is kept. Individuals can use a diary or log to do this and can look back at this to reflect and decide on a way forward. This is an opportunity to self reflect, analyse and highlight weaknesses. The individual when put through self-managed learning process he or she would be well aware about their own positive as well as negative sides (Jasper, 2006). A review or a meeting with your manager is a good way to seek advice on areas of concern that may need to be developed. The professional and organizational standards must always be referred to in order to compare and form an idea about the skills that need to be enhanced. The skills or competencies that are highlighted as weak can then be focused on to improve. The training manager can be informed of these issues and suggest the relevant training/course which is beneficial for those issues.

2.3: Identifying development opportunities to meet current and future defined needs
A regular review with managers and trainers is the best way forward as this gives the individual an opportunity to identify which activities are proving to be difficult. It is also a chance for the
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