Personal choices are very important in one’s life. The stories that will be compared are, “The Use

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Personal choices are very important in one’s life. The stories that will be compared are, “The Use of Force”, by William Carlos Williams and “Lather and Nothing Else”, by Hernando Tellez. It is how the protagonists deal with a situation and how they use their intellectual thinking to deal with the situation. However, personal choices can change the outcome of a conflict, which will either be insightful or pessimistic. People make their own personal choices in everyday life. If the personal choices are not well-made, the conflict can either have a positive conclusion or negative conclusion. People make their own person choices in everyday life. In William Carlos Williams “The Use of Force” and Hernando Tellez’s “Lather and Nothing Else”,…show more content…
It is no longer a professional encounter. However, he is able to diagnose the illness. Just as in Tellez’s story, the barber’s problem is now that he has an enemy in his shop with the ability to send him to his death. The barber’s first choice is to resolve the conflict by simply murdering Torres. However, the barber does not execute Torres. He does not want to become a slaughter. It is clear in both of the stories, the protagonists are in their professional jobs and face an antagonist. The protagonists have a problem with the antagonists which causes a thug-of-war in between them. By making personal choices, they are able to solve the conflict and proceed on with their regular activities. It is evidently demonstrated in both stories that the protagonists make their own choices which help them solve the conflict. Both of the protagonists are using their thinking and judgmental skills on how to approach the conflict. The doctor has to determine in which way he is going to be able to confront the patient and diagnose the problem. Correspondingly, the barber as well has to comprehend, concerning how he is going to deal with Captain Torres. The society creates their own personal opinions in everyday life, but if the decisions made are not well-informed, there will be difficulties. If intelligent personal choices are not well-built, the conflicts can one or the other have a positive or negative conclusion. In Williams “The
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