Personalistic and Naturalistic Theory Essay

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The study of history enables a society to understand the present better, prevent one from thinking the past is always better, and aids in the understanding of human nature. Psychology is an ever changing and evolutionary field. Recent years have presented numerous changes and increasing interest by many individuals, which have been inspired to help enhance the growth of modern psychology (Woodworth, 1918, p. 1). The use of the certain tools that have been deemed to be reliable in the fields of biology and physical sciences have been implemented in modern psychology to aid in the fields' growth to take on an identity of its own (Schultz & Schultz, 2004, p. 2). This paper will discuss the personalistic and naturalistic theory and how the two…show more content…
The reasoning for the lack of recognition on the behalf of Vesalius and Harvey has been contributed to the personalistic theory. According to the definition of the personlistic theory, Vesalius and Harvey were not considered as great men of their generation and did not possess the uniqueness to cause a great impact on society.
The personlistic theory does not consider the facts of the historian studies, even though there was sufficient evidence to support their theories. However, according to the zeitgeist steps in order to attempt to explain this by being the spirit of that generation was not open to the new idea’s of these two men, and therefore, their theories were rejected by that generation. According to McCauley, the definition of a zeitgeist is “spirit of times” McCauley (2008, p. 10). Zeitgeist is believed to be the compelling drive to cause major changes in history through unknowing forces. Social, economic, and political forces are considered as a part of zeitgeist theory to influence the ever changing field of psychology Schultz & Schultz (2012, p. 11). Dean Keith Simonton a known researcher of leadership, talent, and esthetics describes zeitgeist as follows:
“The traditional explanation of multiples is founded on what can be called the zeitgeist theory of creativity. According to this social deterministic view, the individual creator is largely
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