Personalities Theories Paper

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Personality Theories Paper
Izine Harris
University of Phoenix
Kurtis Armstrong
October 14, 2012

Personality Theories Paper

Personality is derived from of many different theories and genres. Personality typically can be reference to as many diverse arrays of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that sets each individual apart in a unique way. Theorist has concluded that an individual external influence can inspire how certain traits are articulated and originated through personality theories. As each person grows older researchers have stated that a human being personality tends to remain consistently the same throughout existence. Personality theories were generally formulated from
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Moreover, his views also conclude a good sense of humor is also an awareness that people share. Like Maslow, Carl Rogers, another humanistic psychologist, projected a theory called the person-centered theory. Rogers interpreted that an individual’s self-concept is the greatest feature of personality. His also concluded that judgments, feelings, and philosophies people have about themselves play a significant role in their personality. Rogers believed that most people have an awareness of their self-concepts. In contrast to psychodynamic theories, humanistic theories cannot be easily tested. Although, the objectives of the humanistic and psychodynamic are similar, their views in personality are somewhat different. Freud's psychodynamic believes that an individual seek to comprehend how people perceive them through experience in the world. Humanistic theory is basically accountability of self-actuality which opposes to Freud’s belief that all people cannot experience happiness. Psychodynamics expresses that behavior is determined, but humanistic believes that behavior is a free expression of an individual. Generally, Freud’s theory geared towards sexuality and belligerence, but humanistic is more of a simplistic belief in one’s self. Overall both theories have contributed to the study of personality and have helped many people across the globe.

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