Personality Analysis : Eco Import Agent Fits Me Very Well

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Personality Analysis
My assessment indicated that I represent a low type B personality. I personally do not agree with the overall stigma of being a type B personality but some of the characteristics related to it suit me very well. I have never been a really competitive person. However, I always try to stay motivated and accomplish my assigned tasks/goals. I always try to exercise patience with people as well as myself by taking things one step at a time and finding pleasure in the most plentiful things life has to offer. My current position as a Sr. ECO Import Agent fits me very well because I have to be very detailed in and analytical whenever I am processing a case file. I would prefer to take my time and process each file I am given correctly but I am on production so that does not always work in my favor. I have always been taught to do things right the first time instead of wasting more energy correcting avoidable mistakes.
The first personality assessment I took was administered by my vocational rehabilitation counselor. It revealed that I was good in administrative work. My initial reaction was a little insulting because of the way she presented the findings to me and I felt as though I could definitely do more with my degree than deal with someone else’s paperwork. However, after carefully researching the area of administrative work, I found a lot of interesting careers such as a loan officer, insurance adjuster, import agent, and records and filing…

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