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Personality Analysis Personality Analysis The personality of an individual is what makes him or her unique among others. That same uniqueness is what makes each person interesting to study and observe. The same set of identical twins may have all the same genetic makeup, but he or she will still have an individual personality to call his or her own. The study of personality is quite complex and involves many ideas and theories from wide variety of scholars. Personality is also something people can share and relate to with one another. According to Allport, “Personality is about what is unique to the individual, but it is also about what is shared across people” (Allport,…show more content…
Humanistic and Existential Theory While the psychodynamic theory focuses on the interrelationships of one’s psyche, the humanistic approach focuses more on the self and how an individual perceives things along with the experiences that may influence his or her perception. The humanistic theory is simple and may perceive the world as the present being the most important that does not focus on the past or present, but just the “Now”. This theory has a focus on reality that suggests people must take responsibility for their actions regardless of being positive or negative. The theory also states that people either posses or inherit his or her worth and that the overall goal in life should be that of understanding and personal growth. The humanistic theory finally suggests that an individual may only find true happiness through self-knowledge and self-improvement (Heffner Media Group, Inc, 2004). The existential theory is an approach on life that focuses on the experiences one has lived rather than how to seek self-knowledge or self-improvement. The existential theory is similar to that of the humanistic theory except that humanists see people as basically good, whereas the existential person may look
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