Personality Analysis : ' Shrek ' Essay

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Jennifer Huynh
Psych 210 - 03: Personality
Steve Millman
November 30

Personality Analysis Paper
Personality can be evaluated in many different kind of psychological approaches which includes trait, biological, learning, humanistic, and psychoanalytic. These approaches or theories helps us assess and explain one 's personality. Being able to understand one 's personality through different perspectives is important because it affects how we think and behave towards others. In the movie Shrek (2001), viewers are introduced to four main characters who all contrast in personalities. Various psychological approaches can be applied to any of these characters, but in this paper, the characters Shrek and Fiona will be analyzed through the humanistic theory and psychoanalytic theory, respectively. According to David C Funder - The Personality Puzzle, “humanistic psychology is based on the premise that to understand a person you must understand her unique view of reality. It focuses on phenomenology, which comprises everything a person hears, feels, and thinks, and which is at the center of her humanity and may even be the basis of free will”. Basically the humanistic perspective looks at our construals, how we experience the world and how we view it. Everyone 's construals are different. The humanistic approach considers the basic human needs and its importance in fulfilling one 's happiness. It emphasizes that all human race share similar needs despite cultural differences.

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