Personality Analysis of Charles Manson

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Manson is a convicted serial killer who has become an icon of evil. In the late 1960s, Manson founded a hippie cult group known as "the Family" whom he manipulated into brutally killing others on his behalf. "Helter Skelter," Manson believed, was going to occur in the summer of 1969 when blacks were going to rise up and slaughter all the white people. He told his followers that they would be saved because they would go underground, literally, by traveling to an underground city of gold located in Death Valley. However, when the Armageddon that Manson had predicted did not occur, he said he and his followers must show the blacks how to do it.

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He then received a 10 year suspended sentence for attempting to cash a stolen check. During this time he married another girl before being arrested again in 1960 for crossing state lines for prostitution. His sentence this time was for 7 years at McNeil Island Penitentiary in Washington and then was transferred back to Terminal Island in California. During this time, his wife divorced him after giving birth to his second son named Charles Luther Manson Jr. He spent his prison time learning to play guitar and studied Scientology.
After being released in 1967, he traveled to San Francisco. There he met a woman named Mary Brunner and moved into her apartment. She soon fell in love with Manson and he used that to manipulate her into sleeping around with multiple women. She eventually lost her job at UC Berkeley, fell deep into drug use, and began travelling with Manson. Mary Brunner became an important part in his development of the “Manson Family”. Lynette Fromme was the first to join the family. The three lived together on the streets of San Francisco while Manson mentored and prophesized his ideas to the girls. His childhood manipulative tendencies helped fuel his status as a prophet.

In 1968 after time spent travelling, the group ended up living in Chatsworth, California on Spahn Ranch. Here Brunner gave birth to his third son named Valentine Manson. Manson wanted a son to carry on his legacy and planned to have many more.

Manson was an

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