Personality And Motivation : Analyze A Personality

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Personality and Motivation - Analyze a Personality I have chosen to write about myself. I am consistently trying to improve myself both personally and professionally. According to the test that we took previously for class on the Keirsey website, I am an INFJ. This stands for introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging. Keirsey identifies INFJ’s as counselors. We care deeply about others and their feelings. Sometimes we often notice the feeling of others before they themselves were aware. We prefer independent work or very small groups as opposed to team work. This specific combination of amounts is only three percent overall and those around us may consider our personality to be unique. I have always felt unique but would have guessed…show more content…
(Robbins, De Cenzo, & Coulter, 2015) According to Furnham, Eracleous, and Chamorro-Premuzic, introverted individuals are motivated to avoid being punished (2009). I am able to relate to this because I am always afraid that I will not be able to meet my financial needs including being able to pay for housing transportation and clothing. One thing that helps me is that on several occasions I have had jobs that might have been a better fit for an extraverted personality. "Introverted intuitives learn how to model extroverted behavior in order to succeed." (Nadel, 2008) This has allowed me to have jobs that might have been better performed by an extravert and to be successful. I think I was able to do this because I was motivated to do the job so that I would be able to meet my Physiological and Safety needs. Once I have a solid job, I am comfortable to seek belonging. Borg and Stranahan state that the intuitive and feeling type is, “on a never-ending search of self. The worst punishment for an NF is to be invisible-just one in a sea of faces in a large lecture class, for example.” (2002). Being introverted it is hard for me to make myself known and to get myself out there. I recently moved into a different department that has two managers, and the department I came from had more than ten. With so many managers it was hard to get any kind of recognition. Nadal states the following: It is essential that an introverted intuitive find a friend or ally within
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