Personality Assessment Of Carl G. Jung And Isabel Briggs Myers

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Personality Assessment Paper After completing the assignment for this week, I found that I am of the introverted, sensing, thinking, and perceiving (ISTP) personality type. This personality type from the work of Carl G. Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers more commonly known as the Myers- Briggs type indicator suggest a few factors in my personality. The first of these is introversion. Even though this is often thought of as being a quite type or wallflower, the picture is incomplete. Introversion from MBIT means dealing with ideas and reacting to those ideas in one’s own mind. For the introverted the large group is less desirable then working alone or with a handful of people they fell comfortable around. The second marker of the ISTP is…show more content…
Identifying strength and weakness in any individual is just that, an individual thought. Because people with an ISTP personality type are drawn toward the action, tuned in to their environment and prefer to be hands on, there strengths can be ambiguous. Among these preferences in my personality I have identified three distinct strengths. The first of these strengths is a natural ability to focus on the surrounding environment. This connection in day to day physical tasks makes athletics and coordination between mind and body a relatively easy function. The second trait identifiable in me is the way I interpret information. With an ability to fond connections between cause and effect, and then apply logic to decode new information the world becomes less of a mystery and can be explained through this strength. The third and most prominent strength is in problem solving. Delineating from other natural talents of observation and focus, getting to the root of a problem is often very easy. This is especially true when faced with a crisis or emergency situation and taking steps to mitigate the problem is the most important priority. After selecting two other personality types and identifying there top three strength it is clear that there are some striking dissimilarities in both the exact opposite of an ISTP personality which is a (ENFJ) and even types with similarities like the (ESFP). The extrovert, intuitive, felling, judging type has
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